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Let me introduce you to my Himstedt Girls.
Tula is 35 inches tall and she is from the Children Of Atlantis series of Himstedt dolls. She joined my collection in August of 2006. Her chest measurement is 17 inches and her waist measurement is 16 1/2 inches.
Liska & her doll Lotta joined their sisters in my studio in January 2006. Liska is my favorite (so far). When you look at her you can't help but smile!She is 36 inches tall and has a waist/chest measurement of approx. 17 inches. Liska's doll Lotta is 20 inches tall. Don't you just love her little tongue?

Maniloa was added to my doll collection in August 2005 and comes from the 2005 Annette Himstedt "The First World's Children Summit"collection. Maniloa is a precious little girl from Hawaii.
She is 34-1/4 inches tall with a chest measurement of about 17 inches and a waist measurement of about 16 inches.

Pauline is my first doll from Annette HImstedt and she joined my collection in June of 2005. She is a 28 inch tall Himstedt from the 2004 collection. She has a chest measurement of about 12-1/2 inches and a waist measurement of about 11-1/2 inches.
Please remember no 2 dolls are a like so their measurements will vary.